App Development

App Development Definition

Android App Development means to design apps for mobile devices which works on android
operating system .Android app development has now become an important part of any industry because now a days many people’s are preferring apps over websites because apps are more user friendly and easy to operate for the user .For android app development we must require :-

  • A little knowledge of java(only core java ,advanced java is not required).
  • Familiarity with the android studios.
  • and little knowledge about XML(EXtensible Markup Language).

Clone Softech Offering’s

For Students

To launch you with app development in android our company offers

  1. A three months training program in which you can work with our engineers and learn about how a app is made in a android ,how to fill the customer and company requirements and what are the software we use in a company which will help you to learn and grow.
  2. An 1 or 2 months internship program in which we will be testing your skills in app development and you will be designing real life application for a real client in a real world scenario so that you can explore what are difficulties and challenges you have to face while designing a application.

For Customer

We offer apps based upon the recent technology .We can build app for any domain based industries like entertain ,sports ,news etc based upon your requirements.