E-Commerce Software

E-Commerce Software Meaning

E-Commerce Software is a kind of a software engine used by the e-commerce companies for managing online stores, it is used for managing inventory, it can add as well as remove products , it is helpful in managing and calculating taxes etc. on the back end of the website.

Types of e-commerce software :-

  1. On-premise –¬† on-premise software are those software in which developers who perform general troubleshooting actions like fixing a problem or doing updates manually performs the¬†Installation and manages the software. Traditionally, on-premise was started by merchants because it was more flexible than solutions which are hosted.
  2. SaaS – SaaS stands for Software as a Service int these softwares are provided by another private company and organisation. In this software the only thing we need to do is to select design and custom features. Automatically or with just one click we can update a software, add new features in a software etc. It is much faster, robust, takes one third time to implement and the cost is also very low.

The benefits of e-commerce softwares are :-

  1. Simplifies Marketing.
  2. Automates shipping and taxes.
  3. Manage products.
  4. Customer and order management.
  5. Enhance overall user experience.

Clone Softech Offering’s

Th clone Softech provides SaaS softwares to its clients that are cost effective and highly efficient.