Software Testing

Software Testing Meaning

Software Testing means to analyze the software or test the software based on the reviews by the customer or user .In software testing we are supposed to find whether their is a bug in the software or not ,whether the software is up to date(i.e. compatibility with the recent operating system) or has become obsolete because of the changing technologies of the world ,whether the software requires maintenance or not.

The software testing is of two types :-

  1. Static Testing – Static testing means to read the reviews ,inspection or comments upon the software by the user. In this we uses compilers or text editors to check the syntax errors or data flow errors in the program.
  2. Dynamic Testing – Dynamic testing means to run the actual code or full program with a chosen test case and validate the output whether we are getting a required output or not .In short static testing is used for verification whereas dynamic testing is used for validation.

To perform software testing we have three methods :-

  1. White Box Testing – In white box testing we check the design and internal structure of the program .In this we choose some random inputs and with these inputs we run through the code and check the expected output and see if it is matching with the desired output or not . In these we are given assess to the full code and here we can change or suggest the methods or ways to increase the efficiency of the code.
  2. Black Box Testing – In this the software or the program is treated as a black box to the tester .The only thing we have to do here is to run the program for a specific test case and see if it is correct or not.
  3. Grey Box Testing – In this we run program for specific test cases but we are given assess to some part of the code not the basic structure of the code but the database we are using or the log files etc.

Clone Softech Offering’s

For Students

  1. A three months training program to learn about the basic technologies and techniques used in software testing.
  2. A 1 or 2 months internship program to work with our highly qualified engineers and do testing on a real world basis.

For Customers

For customers we offer testing of their software on both the static as well as dynamic ways of testing at a minimal cost of 2000 Rs/-.