WordPress Training Course

WordPress is a PHP or an html/css framework used for developing websites or webpages. It is very easy to develop a website using a wordpress because in wordpress you did not need to learn anything or code anything .In wordpress you are provided with predeveloped themes which is used for developing responsive websites and different themes is used to develop different pages based on the domain on which we are developing the website.

In this training program we will cover :-

  1. Basic knowledge of PHP.
  2. Basic knowledge of html or css.
  3. WordPress Framework.

This training program is of 1 month and we will provide you with :-

  1. Video Lectures.
  2. Worksheets.
  3. Tasks which is to be completed in the end of each section.

In this end of this training session you will be given a web hosting and a domain in which you will have to develop a website within a limited period of time and after completion of that website you will be given your certificate.